What we Do

PORTCHECKLARGEclearbackCanadaDids specialises in providing high quality wholesale phone services to Canadian service providers.

Based in Montreal,  we understand the needs of Canadian ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) for reliable and fully supported origination and termination, as well as  hosted platforms.   

We operate our network out of two separate date centres in Montreal enabling redundancy, and offer live technical support for all of our solutions.



Top Quality per Minute Origination and Termination Direct to Canadian Carriers

Canadadids offers premium quality origination and termination to satisfy the demanding requirements  of Canadian enterprises. With wholesale origination rates as low as CAD$0.0035 per minute and termination  from $0.005 per minute, ITSPs can offer competitive packages to end users.



Unlimited Channels and Virtual PRIs for High Volume

If you have more than 50,000 minutes per month of traffic, per channel origination and termination may be a cost effective option.  Ideal for calling card operators and chat rooms as well as larger ITSPs, channels are pooled and can be shared by all of your DIDs in the US and Canada.


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