CanadaDIDs offers per minute pricing on wholesale origination and termination based on total monthly minutes volume.  Pricing  is calculated using three tiers of  Origination minutes + termination minutes + tollfree minutes.


Termination is divided into two regions:

  • Onnet covers around 90% of the Canadian population, including all of the major cities .  This is where we have contracted for substantial capacity and are able to offer our best pricing  (Download full list of onnet prefixes)
  • Offnet covers the remaining areas of Canada, and the US 48 states.  (Area codes 867 [Yukon, NWT and Nunavut], 808 [Hawaii] and 907[Alaska] are excluded)

DIDs are available in over 500 rate centres in Canada, and most cities in the US.  Unlimited inbound channels are also available.  Unlimited channels may be more cost effective for customers with over 50,000 minutes of origination per month, dependent on the calling pattern.

All origination and termination is directly with Canadian CLECs for our domestic traffic over private connections, or Tier 1 US carriers for our US traffic.  This ensures premium voice quality for business customers.  Latency is minimised, and transcoding eliminated.  We do not least cost route our traffic, instead using only high quality known routes.

There is a minimum monthly billing of $100 per month to qualify as a wholesale customer, with a 3 month ramp.  There is no long term contract.

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